Isaknox X2D2 Turn-over 28 Cleansing Foam


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The secret of healthy skin lines in healthy turn-over rate.

Your healthy turn-over from the creation and roughing off of keration is known to be 28 days. As you and your ksin age. turn-over slows down and keratin becomes thicker ans cells are not destroyed fast. With your turn-over slowing and keratin sccumulating, you rksin gets dull, rough and causes trouble to occur. This also prevents skin care products from penetrating evenly into your skin. Only when your keratin roughs off properly cna the skin renewal become active.

The 3-step cleansinf of X2D2 Turn-over 28 Cleasnign Line

1. Natural vegetable protein enzyme : cleansing-removal

2. Vegetalbe mucin(Phto-Mucin): purification-protection

3. X2D2 Juvinity : nourishment-improvement

The cleansing foam's soft and fine lather removes dirt on the skin and the mild cleansing foam enhances moisturizing effects.

To Use : Take an appropriate amount of the product and make lather on the hand. Rub gently on the face and wash of with warm water.


Made in Korea

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Isaknox X2D2 Turn-over 28 Cleansing Foam

Isaknox X2D2 Turn-over 28 Cleansing Foam

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