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Used 100% Lotus seed water instead of pure water.

Whitening Skin care line with low temperature ripening process to give a cleaner skin. Fermented Herbal Toner with silk extract that gives glowing and silky skin. Fermented Okro tea, Jukro tea, Green plum, Chungchosu gives brighter and cleaner skin. Gives rich moisture and whitening effect for a brighter skin. No irritation and fast absorbent. No Paraben, No Benzo phenone, No Artificial color, No alcohol, No Mineral oil(Tested by dermatologis)

Key Ingredient_Hyoum

Louts seed fermented water : Clear skin
Fermented water from louts seed of Muan, Jeonnam fermented and aged in cave Jasaeng Hwalryuckdan : Maintaining skin balance
Adding ingedients : vegetable worms, royaljelly, bean, ginseng, Chinese matrimony vine
Removing ingredients : mugwort, Angelice Dahurica root, mungbeans, green tea, adlay Cheongcho Boyunsu : Glossy skin
Fermented water of oknocha, juknocha, and green plum Fagopyrum Tataricum Seed Extract : Improving skin tone
Improving skin tone much better than common buckwheat and greentea Chalgiboyunsoo : Improves skins elasticity
3 step firming care containing fermented Botanical Female Hormone ingredients
Maintains and reinforces skins elasticity and protects the skin

5 No Additive System : Paraben / Mineral Oil / Alcohol / Artificial Color / Benzo Phenone

To Use: After washing face, apply and tap gently to let it absorb.


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Sansim Hyoum Toner

Sansim Hyoum Toner

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