Omar Sharif Re20 Nutritive Silky Massage


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The high-purity silk protein constituent promotes metabolism of the inner layer of the skin, increases the natural healing power of the skin and enhances the immunity power and cell activation. It also releases skin tension and stress by soft and easy relaxing massage so that it can promote stabilization of not only skin but also mind. Containing a natural vegetable Cole wort seed oil, it has the linoleic acid that maintains a reasonable amount of moisture for the skin and protects excessive keratinization of the outer layer of the skin through quick absorption. It also contains Jojoba oil extracted from Jojoba seed, which gives the skin flexibility and gloss. As it contains Colastin which is extracted from tangleweed, it helps activate the skin cells, and a strong moisture-preserving constituent of mucilaginous polysaccharide and oceanic mineral prevents skin fatigue and makes cell activities brisk with the effectiveness of promoting vitality.


How to use: The skin is lightly treated with Softner after washing the face and then the whole face and neck is lightly massaged like drawing a circle with a reasonable amount of it. When the content of massage becomes transparent and moist, it shall be softly wiped off and then the skin care procedure is carried out in the order of Softner, Serum, Moisturizer and Cream.

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Omar Sharif  Re20 Nutritive Silky Massage

Omar Sharif Re20 Nutritive Silky Massage

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