Shiseido Benefique NT Mineral Gommage


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A deep cleansing mask with natural clay and botanical fiber that thoroughly removes dead skin cells and impurities. Purifies and freshens skin for better penetration of following treatment. Leaves skin feeling extra smooth.
A gommage facial cleanser formulated with natural clay and plant-derived fiber to ensnarl rough, thickened layers of dead surface cells and impurities lodged in pores. Purifies and freshens your skin, improving the absorption of lotion, etc.

To Use :
1. After washing your face, wipe the moisture from the face gently with a towel, take a guide one minute grain almond in the palm of your hand, we get up to five locations of the face.
2. Avoid eyebrows and hairline around, the hair of the eyes, the lips, remove the power of the ring finger and the middle finger in the order around the cheeks, forehead, nose, and mouth, as he stretched out quickly slide lightly.
3. For every 1-2- minutes, when it begins to dry, 1 drop by rubbing gently with a fingertip.
4. Then, rinse thoroughly with water of lukewarm water. Do not rub forcibly, if it gets too dry, please rinse.


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Shiseido Benefique NT Mineral Gommage

Shiseido Benefique NT Mineral Gommage

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