Nesura Dear Skin Ampoule Mask-Pore Slim (10pcs)

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Ampoule Mask - Pore Slim

Worried about oily skin, acne and big pores? The Sage and Camellia Extracts in your Pore Slim mask will help you alleviate your skincare problems. With the superb antiseptic, astringent, antioxidant, antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral properties of Sage extract, you can alleviate oxidative damage, reduce inflammation, prevent premature aging and improve your acne problem! Camellia extract on the other hand, regulates sebum production, smoothens the skin, supplies moisture, blocks ultraviolet rays and increase firmness of the skin. Together with the anti inflammatory and antiseptic and moisturizing properties from Aloe Vera, this mask works well to tackle your skincare problems at the same time!

Most Suitable for: Oily Skin / Blemished Skin / Aging Skin

All Skin Type

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Nesura Dear Skin Ampoule Mask-Pore Slim (10pcs)

Nesura Dear Skin Ampoule Mask-Pore Slim (10pcs)

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