IPKN Pure Aloe Lip & Eye Remover


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IPKN Organic Tea Cleansing is

1. Providing the best environment for skin to breath

2. Applied more naturally since the original way of natural itself is contained.

3. The ingredients are proved, you can fully trust them.

4. Solving out the skin trouble with customized cleansing for each different skin type.

Remove makeup with pure aloe from natural

Delicate and smooth touch for sensitive eye makeup Aloe and vegetable natural ingredients minimize the skin irritation after the cleansing

Clean all large particles pearls and smoky make up at once

Quick cleansing for heavy makeup with 2 layers Maximizes the satisfaction after use with fresh formula without sticky sensation

Cleansing effects protect wrinkles in the eye area

Anti-wrinkle effects with minimized irritation when while cleansing Since it contains vegetable raw materials which care the wrinkles, it gives anti-wrinkle effects with cleansing

Ingredients : Common Ingredients : Sansevieria, nut pine, rosemary Organic complex (green tea, cornflower, lavender, Houttuynia Cordata, fennel seed, chamomile, ocimum basilicum) Additional Ingredients : Aloe extract, green tea extract and rosemary

To Use : Shake it up and down to mix the separated layer. Take appropriate amount onto a cotton pad and smoothly press the pad into the eye and lip areas to remove the makeup.


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IPKN Pure Aloe Lip & Eye Remover

IPKN Pure Aloe Lip & Eye Remover

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