Jaksul Geen Tea Duo (L)


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Brown Rice Green Tea (100g) - For those who prefer a more rounded flavor green tea, we have a mellow yellow that is sure to be a crowd pleaser. The crisp flavor of green tea is interwoven beautifully with the toasty sweetness of puffed brown rice. A well-blended symphony for the palate, this moderately priced tea is great as a gift to yourself and others [Contains 100g loose leaves]

Jungsun Jaksul Green Tea (100g) - Harvested during the summer solstice, the full-bodied taste and economical pricing has made Jungsun widely popular. Fragrant and bold with slight hints of hay, this tea has a strong first impression that will have you wanting another sip. [Contains 100g loose leaves]

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Jaksul Geen Tea Duo (L)

Jaksul Geen Tea Duo (L)

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