Omar Sharif Colored Hair Thickener (60g/2.12oz)

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Omar Sharif Colored Hair Thickener instantly makes your hair look naturally thicker and fuller in seconds.

Omar Sharif Colored Hair Thickener use a bamboo charcoal powder which is finer than other charcoal powder, and these fine particle's far infrared ray and high ventilating capacity can promote blood circulation of scalp.

Water-proof performance makes use safely in the weather of high wind and rain.

Style your hair with the natural black brown color.

Makes the hair style that what you expect with the strong setting effect.

It is dried within 5 ~10 seconds after application, so it is possible to lead a daily life or go out for activity.

To Use:

1. Shake well before using this product until you hear the sound of ball.(over 10 times)

2. Comb and style your hair.(possible to use the hair spray, wax or gel)

3. Hold the Omar Sharif Colored Hair Thickener container 10 ~ 20 cm from area to be treated. Spray evenly along with your hairline for a more natural appearance, with light short spurts.

4. Do not touch the hair hardly after using this product and wash with the enough bubbles of shampoo to remove.

*Do not comb or change your style after using this product.

Q & A

What kind of people is this suitable for?
-This is suitable for someone who has some hair left or has small amount of hair. It cannot be used on someone with no hair.

Does it adversely affect the hair or scalp?
-No. We used natural bamboo charcoal elementary particles'far infrared rayd which is at least 10 times finer than that of the regular charcoal, which does not impede scalp's breathing thanks to outstanding vetilation.(However, do not use it if you have a injuty on the scalp)

How long does a product last?
-Although there is a difference depending on the portion used each time, normally 200g is sufficient for three months while 40g portion for traveling lasts about 20 days.

How long does the hair increase effect last when sprayed once?
-Omar Sharif Colored Hair Thickener is removed when shampooed with one time use product.

Is is Possible to use with hair gel or wax?
-Yes, it is possible. Spray after styling with hair gel or wax. Moreover, you can use it after per or dyeing.

Does the color come off on the pillow when sleeping?
-Color does not come off easily, but when you rub your hair on the pillow severely while sleeping, water-proof coating membrane sprayed on the hair may get destroyed and coal powder may come off. Thus, it is recommended to shampoo begore sleeping.


Made In Korea

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Omar Sharif Colored Hair Thickener (60g/2.12oz)

Omar Sharif Colored Hair Thickener (60g/2.12oz)

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