Charmzone Deage Red-Addition Essence


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CRD-2 and other natural ingredients refresh the skin

  • Contains our patented CRD-2 ingredient
    Red wine, tomato, pomegranate, and mulberry ingredients in CRD-2 refresh and energize tired skin.
  • Is made with fresh natural ingredients
    Vegetable ingredients such as Bambusa Arundinacea Stem and Aspalanthus Linearis Leaf extracts stimulate, refresh and protect tired skin.
  • Hydrating effect
    Ulmus Davidiana extracts and pentavitin hydrating ingredients moisten and soften overly dry skin.
    50ml / 1.69 fl oz.

    To Use : Spread a suitable amount of Charmzone DeAGE RED-ADDITION Essence over the entire face, especially over the sensitive, dry areas and pat gently.


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Charmzone Deage Red-Addition Essence

Charmzone Deage Red-Addition Essence

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