Sooryehan Hyo Bidam Cream Special Set


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Effects : It helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Formulate with traditional Korean herbs, this anti-aging cream with a rich, smooth, solid and highly concentrated texture contains valuable herbal ingredient of Baekhyodan(TM) and Euni Mushroom extract. It forms a smooth elastic membrane on the skin instantly upon application to tighten the loose contour of the face elastically, and provides a remarkably and deeply moisturizing feeling to the skin for a long time.

To Use:In the last step of skincare routine, take an appropriate amount of the product with the attached spatula and gently apply to the entire face along your skin texture. Rub both palms together to make them warm and wrap your face with warm hands for deep absorption.


Bonus Items(5ea) : Hyo Bidam Cream(Tube), Hyo Bidam Toner 20ml, Hyo Bidam Emulsion 20ml, Ginseng Essence 10ml, Hyo Bidam Black Ginseng Mask 40ml

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Sooryehan Hyo Bidam Cream Special Set

Sooryehan Hyo Bidam Cream Special Set

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